COCOCHOCO Pure gives your hair additional softness and gleam, which will last longer. Cocochoco pure enriched with unadulterated keratin protein, is specially formulated to repair extremely damaged hair.Ceramide is a perfect solution for restorative action, yielding the ability to merge spaces between the cells in the hair shaft’s outer shell. This unique process reinforces the protective layer of the hair, restores damaged hair and strengthening weak hair structure.

COCOCHOCO Pure Keratin hair treatment 1L + Ceramide Shampoo & conditioner

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  • COCOCHOCO Pure Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment 1000ml

    And you can choose one of those kits:

    COCOCHOCO Ceramide Intensive Kit (Pink Kit)
    COCOCHOCO Ceramide Restoration Conditioner 500ml 
    COCOCHOCO Ceramide Restoration Mask 450ml
    COCOCHOCO Ceramide Restoration Shampoo 750ml

    COCOCHOCO Ceramide Volumizing Kit (Blue Kit)
    COCOCHOCO Ceramide Volumizing Conditioner 500ml
    COCOCHOCO Ceramide Volumizing Mask 450ml
    COCOCHOCO Ceramide Volumizing Shampoo 750ml

    COCOCHOCO Ceramide Color Protect Kit (Yellow Kit)
    COCOCHOCO Ceramide Color Protect Conditioner 500ml
    COCOCHOCO Ceramide Color Protect Mask 450ml
    COCOCHOCO Ceramide Color Protect Shampoo 750ml