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How To Prep Your Hair For The Upcoming Fall Season

Autumn is so romantic and usually associated with bright golden colors and nostalgic mood, but it is also very "confusing" period for our hair since the change in temperature, humidity, windy and rainy weather can affect our hair and cause typical seasonable problems like dandruff, dryness, hair loss and many more.

In order to minimize damages caused by the sun and salty water through the summer, intensive hair care is required as well as to prep your hair for a more chilly weather. Here are 5 important steps to take in order to achieve a healthy hair and get it ready for fall:

1. Trimming Split Ends

The first thing to do before fall season starts is to get rid of the split ends. Usually, the ends get damaged by the summer rays and besides looking dry and frizzy, It is likely to slow down your hair growth. We highly recommend to trim your ends every 3 months, especially after Summer is over, so the hair will stay healthy and properly prepared for the upcoming weather changes.

2. Natural Oils Nutrition

Although it's absolutely necessary for all seasons but before the cold weather starts it's especially important to nourish your hair with vitamins and natural nutrients. Natural vegetable oil treatments are truly essential in our hair care routine, they will make your locks supple and flexible and a high concentration of vitamins will provide moisture, hydration & softness from root to ends.

3. Heat protection

It is well known that our hair gets harmed during the summer because of the sun and sea water but its nothing next to damages caused by blow drying, flat ironing, hair sprays and such, we increase the usage of, in colder days. it is important to use good heat shield products like COCOCHOCO Ceramide Thermal protector leave-in cream to protect our hair while we are using heat. Thermal protecting products not only will keep our hair healthier but also can help our styling to last longer.

4. Deep cleaning with clarifying shampoo

After the Summer is over we are left with sweet vacay memories and also with residues of sunblocks, salt sprays, and styling products. Furthermore, the chlorine in pools is very unhealthy for our hair and that's why the upcoming season should be started with a deep clarifying treatment. It's recommended to invest in a high quality clarifying shampoo to get the hair deeply clean and ready for the change of weather, using it every 3-4 weeks will give you the result of shiny and clean hair, although it is important to keep the intervals between the treatments to preserve a natural protective layer of the scalp and a hair color if its dyed.

5. Moisturizing the hair and scalp

In cold weather, one of the main concern is the dryness and itchiness of the scalp and the hair gets dull and lifeless. Fall is the season when our hair needs extra care and moister. The best way to deep conditioning the hair is after a clarifying shampoo session when the hair is squeaky clean and open for any other treatments. COCOCHOCO Keratin Hair Repair Mask twice a week will keep the hair hydrated for a longer time and help to avoid itchy skin and dandruff while COCOCHOCO Boost Up Mask (suits for daily use) will help to restore, repair & rebuild brittle hair to a healthy, lustrous state.

Аs they say, prepare for winter in the summer and we adhere to this rule. Instead of repairing our hair later, we can prepare it thoroughly for the changes of the weather and enjoy healthy beautiful hair all year round.

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