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О профессиональной линейке

The Cocochoco Expert Line - Especially for professionals. Involving a team of hairdressing experts with the development process, we have addressed daily practice issues and improved them. Experts for Experts.

Expert Line products penetrate the hair in a faster, more holistic approach, instantly restoring its health and providing greater control over the degree of straightening desired.

SILK365 Ceramide intensive restoration shampoo

SILK365 ceramide intensive shampoo 1000_1.png

Cocochoco's Ceramide Intensive Restoration shampoo is designed to restore hair. Ceramide reinforces the Cell Membrane Complex, strengthening and protecting hair. Our Ceramide-rich formula creates the ultimate healing and nourishing shampoo. It thoroughly cleans while locking in moisture, leaving you with smooth, hydrated, revitalised locks. For best results, use with Cocochoco's Ceramide Intensive Restoration conditioner


Instant hydration

• Softens and nourishes hair

• Strengthens and protects damaged hair

• SLS and paraben free

SILK365 Ceramide volumizing shampoo

SILK365 ceramide volumizing shampoo 1000_1.png

Cocochoco's Ceramide Volumizing shampoo is designed to restore hair, adding lift and vitality. Ceramide protects and softens damaged hair, improving volume and adding shine. Our ceremide-rich, deep cleansing shampoo will lift the hair and prevent greasiness with a unique formula that adds volume, shine and elasticity, leaving your hair feeling soft and totally nourished. For best results, use with Cocochoco's Ceramide Volumizing conditioner.

• Provides lift and volume

• Deeply cleansing and nourishing

• Revitalizing formula

• SLS and paraben free

SILK365 Ceramide color protect shampoo

Cocochoco's Ceramide Color Protect shampoo is designed to prevent hair color from fading, leaving the hair with a vibrant, high-shine finish. Ceramide protects and softens damaged hair, and Heliogenol locks in color to keep hair looking radiant. Infused with sunflower extract and rich in vitamins E and K, it protects against environmental damage, provides long-lasting color vibrancy, and will keep the hair looking and feeling healthy. For best results, use with Cocochoco's Ceramide Color Protect conditioner in every wash.


• Preserves color and rejuvenates the hair

• Hydrates and deeply nourishes the hair

• Protects against color fade and environmental damage

• Provides UV protection

• Suitable for daily use on normal to dry hair

Cocochoco slick365 color protect Label 1000ml-front 5.7.23.png

SILK365 Clarifying shampoo

The SILK365 Clarifying Shampoo is the perfect addition to all salons, as it gently but effectively primes the hair for the application of Cocochoco’s Keratin Straightening and Hair Botox treatments. The Advance Timed pH-elevating technology and foaming action will give optimal results by deeply cleansing the hair cuticles, removing all residues and impurities, and priming the hair for further treatments.


• Professional-grade clarifying shampoo with Advance Timed pH-elevating technology

• Removes residues and impurities, purifying the hair cuticle

• Primes the hair for Cocochoco treatments giving optimal results

• Suitable for use on all hair types

Cocochoco slick365 deep cleaning Label 1000ml-front 5.7.23.png

SILK365 Thermal hair protection spray

Cocochoco thermal hair protection spray is designed to protect the hair from damage caused by heat styling. Leaving the hair looking soft, silky, and shiny.


• Professional, salon-level protection.

• Can be used on either damp or dry hair.

• Hydrates, detangles, and speeds up hair drying time.

• Boosts shine & creates a nourishing, protective barrier between your hair & high heat 

    styling tools to keep your hair healthy.

Cocochoco Thermal protection 500ml front label no background 4.7.23.png
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