COCOCHOCO Original Keratin Treatment 1L + COCOCHOCO Keratin Mask 500ml

COCOCHOCO Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is an advanced process that provide your hair with healthy shiny and silky look. The application is based on Keratin which is the primary protein of skin, hair and nails. Keratin is a natural substance that gives your hair the ability to return to improves texture, condition and helps maintain hair's elasticity.

COCOCHOCO Keratin Mask stops damage by restoring, repairing & rebuilding brittle hair to a healthy, lustrous state by reconstructing hair from the inside out. Nutrients penetrate the inner hair shaft and strengtheners envelop the outer hair to mend, hydrate, and deliver long-lasting regenerative conditioning.

COCOCHOCO Original Keratin Treatment 33.8 fl oz + Keratin Repair Mask 16.9 fl oz

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  • 1 bottle of COCOCHOCO Original Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment 33.8 FL oz \ 1000ml

    1 unit of COCOCHOCO Keratin Mask  500ml 

    You can add 400 ml / 1000ml Clarifying Shmapoo to your order