COCOCHOCO Pure Keratin Treatment 1000ml + COCOCHOCO Free Sulphate Shampoo 400ml / 1000ml

COCOCHOCO Pure is al limited edition, specially formulated for bright hair.

COCOCHOCO Free Sulphate Shampoo is a Pure Essentials Shampoo formulated for individuals with sensitive scalp, dry, damaged or treated hair.

COCOCHOCO Pure 33.8 oz treatment For shiny glossy finish + Sulphate free Shampoo

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$137.70Sale Price
  • 1 bottles of COCOCHOCO Pure Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment 33.8 FL oz \ 1000ml

    1 bottles of COCOCHOCO Free Sulphate Shampoo 33.8 FL oz \ 1000ml OR 1 bottles of COCOCHOCO Free SulphateShampoo 13.5 FL oz \ 400ml