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How to detox your hair from summer damages

Summer is almost over , our day routine just got back to normal and it’s a great timing to detox our hair from summer damages : Chlorine,junk food , dust and oil .

We can detox hair by using clarifying shampoo , compatible conditioner and a right diet.

How to use clarifying shampoo:

1.Wash you hair and apply clarifying shampoo .

2.Massage it into scalp with finger feds (not fingernails)

3.Wash your hair again , and apply sulfate free , intensive care conditioner.

4.Comb your hair with the conditioner on, wait for 1-2 minutes and wash your hair.

It’s important to follow a compatible conditioner after using a clarifying shampoo , because it cleans your hair well , but also your natural oil , which keeps your hair soft .

Clarifying shampoo can sometimes affect demi colored hair , such as: Gloss ,Glaze ,Toner and Henna , if you are worried , consult your hairdresser .

Nutrition also has an effect on your hair texture . Try to combine celery ,beet ,coriander and Ginger on your diet . it’s important to eat it uncooked , on a salad or a shake.

Drink a lot of water .

If your hair is falling , that might concern with medical issues , in that case we suggest to run a blood test .

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