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A Hair To Die For - Or How To Survive Halloween Weekender And Get Your Locks Into Shape

Halloween is a couple of days away, soon enough we'll be attending some costume parties, masquerade balls and even carnivals, changing numerous costumes, and different hairstyles. Hairspray, fixators, pins, hair extensions, curling irons, color sprays - any of this procedures and more have a potentially detrimental effect on our hair and can harm it in a long run. Here are 5 ways to protect our hair and to keep it looking fabulous after the holidays are over:

1. OCOCHOCO Premium Brazilian Keratin hair treatment

OCOCHOCO Keratin Hair treatment is an advanced and revolutionary process that transforms frizzy, colored, permed or bleached hair into straight, smooth and shiny hair in one treatment.

The treatment rehabilitates the hair yet gives it a natural glossy and silky look for approximately 3-5 months.

2. COCOCHOCO Free Sulfate Shampoo

After a several different manipulations with our hair, it needs "rest" and more gentle care products, if possible, pure and natural.

COCOCHOCO Free Sulfate Shampoo contains NO SULPHATE CLEANSERS, NO DRYING SOAPS and NO SCALP IRRITANTS. We use only naturally derived cleansers, Yucca (Cactus) juice and Soap Bark Extract and extra gentle Soy proteins that gently cleans without stripping or causing irritation. This shampoo would be a better option, during hair rehabilitation, since it's especially suitable for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair.

3. COCOCHOCO Boost Up Mask

COCOCHOCO Boost up mask stops damage by restoring, repairing & rebuilding brittle hair to a healthy, lustrous state by reconstructing hair from the inside out

4. COCOCHOCO Natural Therapy Oils For Hair

COCOCHOCO Natural Hair Oils were designed for long lasting effect when used daily. These oils are made from natural herbal components, using a unique formula for a shiny & vital look in all types of hair.

5. COCOCHOCO Diamond drops - Hair Serum

Our newest product and already so popular. Unique formulation infused with diamond powder which gives the hair a naturally luminous glow. The combination of powerful active ingredients relieves frizziness, leaving our hair soft, moisturized, and shiny.

Its strong effect is visible from the first day of use. Suitable for all hair types.

We wish you a great holidays and lots of fun, no matter how hard you party, our products are always here for you, when your hair needs it the most :)

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