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5 Amazing Halloween Hairstyles To Match Your Best Costume of the Night

Halloween is just around the corner and it seems like everyone is busy chasing, after that most amazing costume. We decided to upgrade your performance with a few hairstyles ideas which will surely, make you turn some heads and win you the desired "costume of the night" award.

1. Witch

If you want to turn into a gorgeous, mysterious and not a trivial witch, this hairstyle is pretty easy to pull off. Part your hair evenly, smooth it up with one of our awesome COCOCHOCO Natural Hair Oils for some extra shine and silkiness. Make a low ponytail and separate it into several equal parts, then make a loop with each, fixating it with bobby pins in the bottom. And voila, you are intriguingly magical.

2. Vampire

As bobby pins are the hottest trend of the season, you can use them to create this iconic look taking more of a modern approach. With a make up to match, don't be surprised when people will start hiding their necks from you ;)

3. Marie Antoinette

You will need a lot of hairspray to achieve a high as a sky volume required for this look, and we mean A LOT! Get ready to spend some time with your curling iron and a curl/teasing comb, but it's totally worth it! You know what they say and we can't agree more: "I Like Big Hair And I Cannot Lie" ;)

4. Medusa

Because wearing rubber snakes is definitely not trying enough, with some determination and imagination you'll be turning people into stone with one look, in no time. Start by making a high bun leaving the front hair out. Then separate the hair you have left into some small, even sections and then roll them into multiple, thin dreadlocks. You can use a wire for the base or just a very strong hairspray. Not exactly the easiest hairdo to make but actually less complicated than you think.

5. Flower girl

This one is really challenging and requires some skills and a lot of attention to details. You will need synthetic hair extensions which you can buy in any costume store, a wire, styling spray, fixating spray, curling iron, a blow-dryer, temporary hair color sprays, lots of pins and even more of patience. But hey, if you want to be a true showstopper you gotta put some work into it.

No matter the style you choose to reach the potential win, most important mission of the night is to have fun! With a bit of creativity and an excellent mood we know you'be perfectly ready for the ball. Because the one accessorie you can not leave your home without is your shining smile. We wish you to have the best Halloween Party yet!

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