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Keeping that golden hair shine and tone can be very challenging, unless you have a private hairstylist to care your hair on a daily basis.

Assuming most of us are not an Hollywood stars and we don’t have our own “glam squad״, it’s important to have a few tricks up in your sleeve . Here are six efficient ways to maintain that golden tone:

1.Use conditioning treatment very often :

Especially if your hair is bleached to blonde, use deep conditioning hair treatment, formulated for intensive care or for damaged hair .Repeat often.

2.Use UV protector on your hair:

Protect your hair from UV damages, not only in summer time, but all year long. Blonde hair tend to lose it’s golden tone very quickly, when exposed to UV rays, on a daily basis.

3.Make sure your hair stylist apply properly to renew your golden tone:

Make sure your hairdresser bleach only your roots, as your ends are already bleached. Bleaching your ends again, may make your ends melt or fall.

4.Use a T-shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair after washing it:

Using a towel can cause frizzing and hydration to your hair. By using soft cotton, you can maintain it’s natural moisture .

5.Use LEAVE IN cream at least once a week:

As already mentioned, keeping Your hair’s natural moisture is very important. Using LEAVE IN cream at least once a week, will help you maintain that.

6.Process your hair gradually instead of drastically:

When going from brunette to platinum blonde, dye your hair gradually lighter instead of bleaching it at once, it will be better for your hair on the long run.

No doubt blonde hair requires more strict maintenance, but it’s worth every second of it:-)

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