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Paris fashion week is almost over and the world’s holding it’s breath, looking forward to catch up with this Fall’s season biggest trends in fashion, makeup and hairstyles, which will make our look on trend and fashion forward. We bring you 5 of the biggest hair trends you need to know:

1.Bow season is here!

Tie a velvet bow around a low ponytail with your hair pulled back or around a bun, just like a prima ballerina :) and you’ll got a winning look for this season. Size does not matter, go big with your ribbon size!

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2.Ponytail obsessed

High, low, tight or in a sloppy way, everything goes. As long as your hair is pulled back to a ponytail you are set to go everywhere: work or a special occasion. it goes with casual style as well as evening wear.

3.Hair-cleaned face

Brush or pull your hair back or put it behind your ears to keep your face clean of hair. This season it doesn’t have to be styled in a strict way. Embrace the “I just got out of the shower” look. keep it effortless.

4. The Eternal braids CHIC is here to stay

This season all braids styles are acceptable: multiple braids to embrace street chic or one braide, romantic kind of style . Just choose the personality you would like to embrace today and go for it!

5. The sky's the limit

This season is go big or go home, referring to hair volume.

In renaissance period, women's hair hight was a sign of how wealthy she is. This season is the bigger your hair is, the coolest you are. If you lack of volume just use our ceramide volumizing kit.

You are now ready to go out with your new chic, fashion forward look. Just don’t forget to tag us, so we can see it :-)

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