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Daily use of hairstyle devices, our weekly visit at the hair salon and natural fading, all of these doesn’t add to seasonal damages.

As known, our hair tend to lose it’s moisture at winter time, therefore it’s important to know how to deal with this issue, so we can look great even when it’s rainy outside.

1.Use products containing natural oil or butter - such as coconut oil, shea butter and macadamia. Those are essential for restoring shine and health to your hair.

2.Avoid ingredients that will make your hair even drier - silicon, for example, creates a barrier for your hair to absorb natural moisture. Alcohol and sulfate actively make your hair dry and lifeless.

3.Wash your hair less - try shampooing your hair only every other day. That will help your hair lock it’s natural moisture instead of drying it.

4. Use a good hair therapy mask - use therapy hair mask after shampooing at least 3 times a week. Pass on conditioning the hair while using a hair mask.

5.Blowdry your hair from distance - avoid focusing on one section of the hair while using a blowdryer, also dry your hair from roots and not so close to your scalp.

6. Use a hat when going out - avoid exposing your hair to get wet by rain water, keep its moisture inside a good warming hat - it will upgrade your look too!

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