1. Repairs dry and damaged hair - highlighted, colored or extra dry hair - keratin treatments have an endless amazing transformation proven results.

  2. Adds amazing shine - over the years and along with each chemical processing, our hair tends to lose its natural shine and health. Keratin treatment is essential to its vibrant.

  1. Frizz control - heating or chemical processing the hair can cause it look frizzy and lifeless, keratin treatment can be a perfect solution.

  1. Provides heat protection - whether it’s seasonal heat or one that is made by a hair designing process, keratin isolated hair from heat damages.

  2. Hair color protection - as known, it’s a challenge to keep the initial lock of your “just colored” hair. Keratin treatment can help you achieve that glamorous look to last longer.

  1. Prevent split ends -unless we trim our hair every other day, we all struggle to reduce split ends by using all kinds of products, which sometimes can cause our hair to get weak and loose its vividly look. Keratin treatment prevent those split ends to appear without weaken it.

  2. Allows for easier brushing and ironing - keratin treatment give your hair a lightened feeling and touch, which make it more easier for you to design it.

  1. Promoted incredible detangling - keratin treatment saves time in dealing with designing your hair, before going out .

  2. straightens the hair without changing its texture -keratin treatment does not include any chemical process, therefore it does not break your hair or changing its texture.

10.Gives a smooth and silky feel- there’s no feeling like a silky, shiny and smooth hair.

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