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2018 Hair Color Trends you just need to know

So the new year has just started, but to help you to be fully prepared, here are our picks for the most trendy hair color styles of this upcoming season:

"Back to the roots"

Switching from brunette to blonde is always a big change, but in 2018 we advise you to soften the look with a touch of brown on your roots, which is one tone lighter than your natural hair color. That way you'll look more natural and won't need to run to your hairdresser every 2 weeks ;)

"Real life Unicorn"

It seems like the Crazy Colors Trend is here to stay and in 2018 the pastels are the most popular. You can mix them up with deeper highlights for more drama and become any magical creature you have ever dreamed of. And what can we say? You can't get happier than that.

"New era Ombré"

Remember the dip-dyed look that we used to call ombré? Well, forget about that, it's so 2017 ;) The new season's trend is a complex color mixing while the ends are only a tone or two lighter than the roots and they blend very gradually in a soft transition. This look is much more sophisticated and can suit many different types of women.

"You can be my fantasy"

We've talked about the "Crazy Color" before, but it usually requires a massive bleaching which can potentially harm your hair and change it's texture. You can reach the same WOW effect with a darker rich color, especially recommended for pale skin ladies for some additional color and an extra glow, but can also compliment a very dark skin and accentuate it.

"Golden Sparkle"

Natural colors are always "in" and never go out of style, but if you're bored and need a bit of sparkle we would like to offer a splash of delicate golden highlights, which are very popular and can upgrade any hairstyle. Looks best on natural brunettes.

"Doggy Style"

But what about your pooch? Yes, this season puppies are getting brand new and insane "fur coats", and the variety of colors is endless. You can match a stylish hairdo as well so your dog will be the most noticeable in da hood.

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