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Things You Should Do To Prevent Hair Damage At Winter Time

Moisture Moisture Moisture. That's the name of the game. Our hair is sensitive to cold weather,

so it is important to use extra moisturizers to prevent breakage, and split ends.

Use leave-in creams to combat static, boosts hair volume and protect against split ends. There are no reasons whatsoever, not to look your best at any time of the year!!

Hydrate hair overnight with a natural oil. It provides softness, flexibility and a brilliant shine. Nothing compliments a woman more than a beautiful, healthy, silky hair.

At winter, oily hair gets overly limp it's a common problem. It's better not to use conditioner at that time and use more shampoo if you want an extra volume. You can also use a hairspray and a dry shampoo to keep the hair luxuriant.

What can be more annoying than a "hat - hair"? To avoid that we recommend putting your hat only on dry hair, pick hats made of natural fabrics to prevent static. Cotton or wool can be a great choice. And prefer bigger hats which won't flatten your hair and won't ruin its style.

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