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6 Perfect Haircuts That Will Make You Want Short Hair

Many of our customers ask us if it is worth the while to apply Keratin Hair Treatments on a short hair - The answer is YES!! And that's why: ... ...

Here are our best picks for the most trendy haircuts which will fit perfectly with your short & straight hairstyle

1. "Pulp Fiction Bob" - The most iconic classic style, heavy bangs Bob haircut is making a huge comeback this year. Oh and in case you were wondering - Professional Keratin Hair Treatment works great on every type of hair ;)

2. "The geometric bangs Bob" - A unique and special haircut for a unique and special girl. Wanna stand out from the crowd? If yes, then this is the look for you.

3. The Asymmetric Bowl Cut - Want an up-to-date, elegant yet edgy haircut? This style is so sexy - althoug not bluntly, reveals the beauty of the neck and creates a very modern and fresh look.

4. Long on top Pixie - A comfy style which will be easy to maintain in your busy everyday life. Suits an active girl which wants to be chic without wasting too much time on styling and beautifying her hair.

5. The Blunt Bob - Talking about trendy (!) Cute and playful look, so 2018! Really easy to style and a lot of fun.

6. Long bangs Pixie - Attention attention! The 80's are back, but with a twist. Lose the crazy volume, add a touch of color and get your layers in order - and boom! You are a style icon.

It doesn't matter which hairstyle you choose - in 2018 the variety of choices is truly wide and diverse. It can feel so liberating to renew yourself. Dare to make that change!

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