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How To Take Your Photos To The Next Level Using .... Your Hair!

Our hair is an outstanding feature, often we change it to fit our style, use it as an accessory while being photographed and sometimes even giving it "the front of the stage".

Here are a few examples of how to make your hair the STAR of the photo and give it the main focus without looking like a shampoo commercial.

1. The play of colors and textures - The question we all been asking ourselves on a daily basis: What will look best on our Instagram feed?

It must be an interesting photo that does not resemble to anything else we see there every single day. You can play with background textures, clothing and accessories and of course the oldest trick in the book - contrasting colors which accentuate each other. So if you are a glorious redhead, definitely go for blue! And do not forget the concept, it will give depth and meaning to your picture and this will differentiate you from others.

2. Sleeping Beauty - We see hundreds of pictures every day with beautiful girls lying on beds. But you can make it unique if you'll play your cards right. Make your hair truly shine by creating a contrast. Like you can see at this cool photo - sunny frame of golden hair on dark sheets makes a gorgeous "doll face" stand out so much more.

3. Contemporary Art - Are you an art major or just very passionate about design and fashion? You can use your hair in so many ways to make an interesting photo. Let your imagination flow, use different accessories, colors, appurtenances, backgrounds and we're sure you will outdo Andy Warhol. Easy.

4. Scary Arty Chick - The black and white effect with the black background makes the hair look like smoke floating in the air. All you need in order to make this kinda shot is a hair of course, fan, a Photoshop and some black magic.

5. Show off your hair without being obvious - Did you just come back from the hair salon, but you definitely can't post that same old "duck face" selfie again to show off your swanky new do? Make it effortless and cute, don't pose or even look at the camera... and the world will believe you woke up like this.

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