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Applying Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment? You Need To Know This!

Applying Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is pretty simple and easy, but there are a couple of things which are very important to pay an extra attention to and the treatment's success depends on it.

1. Washing your hair with Clarifying Shampoo - COCOCHOCO Clarifying Shampoo is specifically formulated with advanced foaming action, it deep cleans the hair cuticle and removes all residues and impurities which can cling to the hair shaft. This product designed with Advanced Timed PH Elevating Technology and allows the cuticle to open for optimal results during the application of COCOCHOCO Keratin Straightening Treatment.

2. Shaking the products - It is highly important to thoroughly shake the product before use, all the ingredients must be well mixed, otherwise, it can affect the results of the treatment. So..shake it off!

3. Brushing the hair - While applying the Keratin Treatment you need your hair to be fully covered, but not sopping wet with the product. If you accidentally applied too much you must comb through with the wide-tooth comb to remove all the excess.

Go through your hair a couple of times if needed. Your hair should be saturated with product, but not so wet that you see the excess on your hands and brush.

4. Straightening the hair - Set the flat iron to the recommended temperature of 220°C or 430°F but (!!!) it is extremely important to consider the particular hair type.

For example: if your hair been previously chemically treated and the ends of your hair are split and dry you should lower the temperature up to 160°C while ironing the ends. Using a flat iron that is too hot may scorch your hair and cause breakage!!!

When your flat iron reaches the correct temperature, you should straighten your hair in small sections (recommended one to two inches thick). You may want to clip up sections of your hair beforehand or as you finish ironing them.

5. After Treatment Care - It is a well known fact that you're not supposed to wash your hair for 72 hours after applying the treatment. But what isn't less important is not to tie your hair for at least 48 hours.

Avoid using any ponytail holders such as elastics or even hair clips, if possible. Try a fabric hairband if you must keep your hair away from the face. Tying the hair or using clips may cause a crease in your hair.

Now you can show off your fresh silky smooth and gorgeous hair!

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