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Do We Really Know Our Hair Products?

We use hair products for many reasons like keep our hair clean, healthy and also they help us to achieve a desired look or hairstyle. Without the right hair care we might lose that healthy glow, soft silky texture and end up with dry hair and split ends.

So let's start with the basics, here are 5 simple examples of the most common hair-care products every girl uses, to ensure beautiful, healthy locks and reach its fullest potential.

1. Sulfate-free shampoos - What are they and why to choose them over our everyday shampoo?

First, you need to know that most of shampoos made with sulfates, which are basically salts of sulfuric acid, they help our shampoos turning into a thick lather while we wash our hair. This common ingredients are known as the main reason for causing frizziness, especially in curly hair and not recommended if your hair is colored or straightened with Keratin Hair Treatment since the effect will not remain for long. Check out your regular shampoo for salts and alcohol and if you'll find such ingredients there - switch to a better option of sulfate-free shampoos. More natural way to keep the moisture and natural oils in your hair while gently cleaning it without irritating the scalp.

2. Clarifying shampoos - Are they suitable for everyone ?

Clarifying shampoos are made for deep cleaning, they removing all the dirt and styling products remnants, leaving our hair ruthlessly squeaky clean. They are required for treatments like Keratin Straightening or Salon Relaxer but can be used by anyone in our usual hair care routine. Although, you need to be careful and not use them too often, since clarifying shampoos are purging your locks of any trace of products and junk, they can strip away the natural oils in your hair which are essential for moister, shine and healthy skin. Recommended frequency of use is once a month.

3. Repair Mask - Do we really need it?

The answer is clear - yes we do! Our hair gets damaged by sunlight, sea water ,chemical hair colors and treatments, blow dryers, irons, sprayers and the list goes on. To repair the damage we need to use deep conditioners in order to instill the moisture back to our hair. Repair masks contain ingredients like natural extracts, oils, waxes and emulsifiers to get down to the source and repair our hair from its root. If the hair is very dry you should use masks up to twice a week, but be sure to wash the product well, after leaving it on hair (10-30 min depends on a type) otherwise your hair might get too oily and heavy.

4. Boost up mask - How does it work?

Who wouldn't want a shiny, full, bouncy hair? We all do, but in most cases we are finding it difficult to reach that desirable fullness and our hair just keeps falling flat. Yes, all kinds of hair sprays and creams are there for us when we are styling, but how to make the glossy and voluminous effect to last? Boost up mask once a week can fix that "little problem" by enriching your hair with natural components ((like Coconut oil, Vitamins, Aloe Vera extract etc) which are excellent not only for improving the visual appearance but also for reconstructing the hair from the inside out. Just remember to check the contents before purchasing this products and make sure that it is in fact made of natural ingredients.

5. Natural Hair Oils - Which hair types are suitable for this treatment?

Natural hair oils are being used for decades for treating frizziness, dryness, increasing hair growth and reducing dandruff, but are they equally effective for all hair types? We can assure you that hair oils are great for all hair types, although, you do need to fit the right oil for the right type. Here are 5 most popular oils: Coconut oil: Best for all hair types (including the greasy hair type as well) for faster hair growth Shea Butter Oil: Best for dry and damaged hair Macadamia Oil: Best for hair that often gets heavy heat styling sessions Obliphica Oil: Best for thin, weak hair with a lot of breakage Maghrebian Argan Oil: Best for sensitive and dry scalp

So do you know your hair products? We say, try and explore because life might be not perfect, but our hair can be :)

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