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5 Modish Hair Styles For Long Hair

At one stage or another of our lives we dream about a long flowing beautiful hair, just like in shampoo commercials, but when we finally grow it up to the desired length - suddenly we don't know what to do with it, except a simple ponytail. Here are 5 interesting hairstyles to try and refresh the look:

1. Hair Extensions

Wanna have long, big, smooth hair in less than an hour? No problem! We live in a world where we can buy everything we like and hair is not an exception. Hair extensions can be used for that one special night or every day and you don't have to be Kim Kardashian for that. What do we say? the bigger the better!

2. That one perfect hairdo

Coiffures - a world of endless possibilities, especially if you have a long hair. There are billions of variations for evening, for office, for a romantic date, a wedding or for going out dancing. it's a matter of personal taste and occasion. We've picked this ultra savage look which can fit a stylish photo-shoot, no less :)

3. Not an ordinary ponytail

While there are millions of ponytails in this world, we've picked the chicest one to try. Because hey, life is too short for boring hair.

4. Add some pepper (and by pepper of course we mean bangs!!)

So you are growing your hair for years, counting every inch, checking the progress every month and then ... you're getting bored of it and feeling a little bit jealous of your friend's funky new cuts. What to do? First of all breath and don't do anything you might regret about after. Second of all, there is actually something to do - bangs! You get 2 for one: Fresh new cut while keeping your beautiful long locks. Considering bangs are one of the hottest trends of the season, it's a pretty good deal. Right?

5. Sexy waves

Let's say you have a long hair, and for example let's say you have treated it with Keratin and it's smooth and silky and you are a woman, so you change your mind quickly and now you want waves. Why not? Great idea! Start rolling because wavy hair will look incredibly sexy on your hot date tonight. You can bring back your perfect slick hair tomorrow :)

☙ Did you know?

If you have a middle length curly hair but you want it long and you want it long now - it's pretty simple.

Any hair straightening action lengthens it - that is, once the curl opens a bit it becomes wavy and if it opens up to its entire length it becomes straight. It works the opposite as well - trilling the hair makes it shorter and bouncier. This play with texture can last up to 5 months (Keratin Straightening Treatment) or just for one night (hair-styling with a blow-dryer)

So which hair style will fits your long hair best?

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