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5 Daring Undercut Hairstyles To Try This Summer

How to combine 2 completely different styles? How to have the best of both worlds? How to keep your long hair and enjoy a short cut? Easy! Was created in the 1920s, became famous in the 1980s - 90s and returns to us this year as well, It called The Undercut! Comes in many versions and styles , here are some examples:

1. One sided undercut - Can we call this classic? Because this is the most popular form of the haircut, started at mid 1990s and still pretty common today. Do You like it?

2. Messy Pomp - Women like to change their style and image quite often, occasionally even borrow from men some attributes of clothing, like a tie or a waistcoat, but in this case, we are talking about hair!! This classic men's cut will look great on a medium length hair with a bright contrast color. Wanna try?

3. Long fade bun - Some like an asymmetric look of one side shaved while others go all the way, and for the show-off a ponytail or a bun will emphasize the look, isn't it just awesome for the Summer heat?

4. Asymmetric wedge hair - This asymmetric undercut is different, because the hair is not completely shaved and it's not as dramatic since it's more cohesive with the other lengths of the cut. And because "80's everything" is mega trendy this season, you can clearly see the inspiration.

5. Punk style undercut - And again, inspired by the glory 80's, edgy, avant-garde, crazy hairstyle, and that's why we love it! Find the rock star in you, dare to try and go over the top!

So which style is your favorite? Would you try this looks for the upcoming Summer? Because the heat is on!!

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