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Hot Summer - Hot New Hair Trends, Which One Is Your Favorite?

The summer is just around the corner, and we are all asking ourselves what are the hottest hairstyles for the season? Here are our absolute favorites for you to try:

1. Beachy Waves - What is the leading hair trend of the summer? That's right, Beachy Waves! But as we all know, usually, effortless look requires the most of efforts ;) We have the perfect solution for that, just wash your hair, towel dry it, take a small amount of Ceramide Volumizer leave-in cream, run your fingers through your hair and.. TAH-DAH!! You re all set.

2. Braided Ponytail - When the weather is hot and we just want to pull our hair up, this is a fun idea for a cute and trendy look. Really easy to pull off too, just make a high pony and then braid it in a lose way. You can use COCOCHOCO Maghrebian Argan Oil before braiding, for some extra shine. And the results? One word: fabulous!

3. Stick-straight hair - Ms. Kim Kardashian brought this slightly futuristic look to our attention at the glorious Met Gala last year. And actually, this look is very easy to achieve (minus the Met Gala) COCOCHOCO Keratin Hair Treatment will make your hair straight, sleek and much healthier. Oh and when you are at the beach don't worry about going swimming. Your hair will dry as smooth as it was before, no blow dry needed :) Isn't that amazing?

4. Hippie 70's style - This is THE time for hair accessories!! Headbands, floral garlands, clips, pins, hair wraps, scrunchies and what not. You can really go wild with it this Summer, our only advise is, if you blow dry your hair straight to match more to the hippie style, use Ceramide Thermal protector leave-in cream to protect it and keep it healthy. And of course, peace&love ☮

5.Loose Bun - Question: Which everybody's favorite hairdo takes not more than 2 min to do? Loose Bun would be the answer to that. Relatively low bun allows you to wear hats and head scarfs (which are very important on a hot day), very easy style, yet makes you look flawless and sexy. Important tip: if you'll use COCOCHOCO Ceramide Volumizing Hair Mask each time you wash your hair, your bun will look full and extra fluffy 🥐

No matter which new trend you'll choose to try, COCOCHOCO products are always there to help you change your style every day and have the best Summer yet!

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