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5 Innovative Hair Color Тendencies You Need to Know

We live at a time when you have to be daring since science & technology do not stand still and the world is constantly changing, fashion trends included . Here are 5 new hair color trends to try and make your Instagram Summer Vacation feed full of smiles and awesomeness, with up to date fresh looks.

1. Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate

A modern woman likes to "keep it natural" but also doesn't want a "boring hair" . It is actually possible to achieve using advanced innovative technique combining two-tone look features a golden blonde inspired by the color of peanut butter and shades of light brown to resemble milk chocolate.

2. Buttered Rose Red

This Summer the popular metallic pink color is going through changes due to its blend with yellowy-red tones to look more like an actual rose. The graceful flower is a symbol of beauty and femininity and now is literally wearable. And the results are absolutely stunning.

3. Color Fragments

You can experiment with your hair and add some fun touches to make your look more colorful but still office appropriate and in general, very versatile. This type of coloring is less harmful for the hair as it covers only the ends (even less than balayage & ombré ) also, blends brilliantly with your natural hair. Oh and a cool funky haircut won't hurt as well ;)

4. Contrast Rainbow

Rainbow hair is still a trend even though it's way beyond the usual framework of pastel "Unicorn" tones and you can actually mix and match it all. The coloring technique is also slightly changed since now it is less about blending and more about contrasts. The effect is truly dramatic and chic.

5. Highlighted Undercut

By tradition, wrapping up with a more bold option for the daring modern girl which we know you are ;) As we wrote in our previous posts, the undercut haircut is now rapidly gaining momentum and it's certainly worth highlighting with a suitable color or 2 for that matter. The look is certainly futuristic, fresh and super trendy.

We're are wishing you a life full of colors, so, which style is the "new you" this season?

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