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Wonder about COCOCHOCO Keratin Hair Treatment? Check this out!

Over the years, we come across many questions, our customers and followers ask us. From time to time we concentrate them in one informative post and give you all the answers which can help you choose the most suitable treatment and maintain it in the best way.

1. Q: Can I color my hair after the treatment?

A: Yes, but: We recommend to to wait at least 2 weeks after you have done the treatment. A tip: For better results its preferred to treat your hair with COCOCHOCO Keratin 2 weeks after(!!) you color your hair.

2. Q: Can you do the treatment on previously chemically treated hair?

A: Yes. COCOCHOCO Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment can actually help repair the damages and dryness often caused by most of the chemical procedures.

3. Q: Can you do the treatment on children, if yes, what ages?
A: We recommend to treat children at least 14 years old and older.

4. Q: Can I wash my hair after the treatment, and when?
A: No, we recommend to wait 3 whole days after you have done the treatment till you can wash your hair.

5. Q: Which shampoo and Conditioner can I use after doing the treatment?

A: The optimal option would be COCOCHOCO Sulfate Free Shampoo and Sodium Chloride Free Conditioner to maintain the results of the treatment for a longer period of time as they were specifically formulated as a supporting product for the treatment, moreover contain Keratin and UV protection.

6. Q: Can I go into the pool or ocean after the treatment?

A: Not immediately after the treatment, it's required to wait at least 3 days before you can wet your hair and expose it to sun and sand.

7. Q: Can I do the treatment while pregnant or nursing?

A: All of COCOCHOCO products are safe to use. However, any manipulation with hair and new products is advised to put on hold, till after the birth and breastfeeding.

8. Q: What if after applying the treatment on damaged, dry, bleached or heavily chemically treated hair, the hair looks smooth and silky but the ends look dry and not as straight?

A: In this case, first of all, strongly advised to get rid of the dry ends and cut them as much as possible. If cutting is not an option you can go over the ends one more time with COCOCHOCO Keratin Hair Treatment while your iron/ hair straightener set at 180°C.

9. Q: What to do if after the treatment on the first day the hair looks perfectly straight but in the next morning, it looks like its curling up again?

A: For the first 3 days after the treatment it is required to brush the hair every morning and if the hair gets wet in the shower or you were sweating, it is highly important to straighten it for 4-5 times each part in order to to ensure the success of the treatment.

10. Q: Should I cut my hair before the treatment?

A: No. we recommend cutting your hair afterwards, so this way you can trim the dead ends after finishing with the treatment.

Got more questions? Write to us and we'll be happy to answer any question you've got! Try us ;)

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