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All the Doe's And Don'ts When Styling Your Brand New COCOCHOCO Hair

So you've finally made one of the best decisions ever and you've switched to COCOCHOCO Keratin Hair Treatment. After the Treatment you've waited 3 days without washing your hair, or using any hair products, did not tie it or went to the beach or the swimming pool, and now you are completely ready for your new life - the life with no hair problems. But! You want to maintain the treatment for a longer period of time? Worried about how styling your hair may affect the treatment? Here are 5 of the most common questions clients ask us regarding this popular subject:

1. Can I braid my hair after COCOCHOCO Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment?

Absolutely! You can braid your hair in every way that you like, don't worry, your hair will be back to straight and smooth state, after you wash it.

2. Can I expose my hair to sun?

Yes you can, although if you don't want to lose that much-needed moisture, you better keep your hair under a parasol or some stylish summer hat.

3. Can I curl my hair?

Sure. Moreover, after the Keratin Treatment, your curls or waves will come out more precise, equal in size and generally more accurate, which will make people think you've just visited a professional hair salon ;)

4. Can I wet my hair?

Of course, you can let it dry naturally or use a variety of hair products to make it look wet, but if after, you want it to look as straight as an arrow again, like on the first day after the treatment - we recommend to blow dry.

5. Can I blow dry my hair?

Definitely! We recommend to blow dry after every wash, it helps to keep the hair ultra straight since Keratin effects by the heat and the results remain stunning for up to 5 months. No need for straighteners or hair irons, unless it's necessary for the particular hairstyle you are going for. Just keep in mind that working with heat can potentially dry your hair so don't forget to use keratin masks and natural oils to nourish your hair.

Hair-styling is a way of living, with COCOCHOCO it's fun and easy, so easy that you can change your style every day! Let your imagination guide you and we are sure you'll be the most modish girl around :)

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