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2018 FIFA World Cup Inspired Hair Trends

What's cool about World Cup is that we're all making a "trip around the world" and washing our eyes with some extra hot and sexy men on the field. And with all due respect to the high level of testosterone in the air, what really matters is the insights which can be obtained from all the international different styles. Here are 5 looks inspired by our favorite teams:

1. Russia

It's a well-known fact that Russians are into braids since like forever. And if 2 or 3 years ago you could think it's kinda old fashion - today it's the hottest trend! A classic 2 braids give a way to more modern style look, complex braids are becoming a true showstopper. Thanks, Russia, it's even better than vodka, bears, and balalaika.

2. Brazil

It's been said a lot about the famous Brazilian Booty, but what about the hair? Well, if we consider today's hair-fashion modern tendencies - afro is the thing. How can you top that? A hairband! How can you top that? You can't!

3. Japan

Many girls all over the world are trying to reach that silky smooth Japanese hair and not succeeding, but actually, this look is easy to achieve with COCOCHOCO Keratin Hair Treatment. And while your enjoying your gorgeous soft flowing hair, why not take it to another level? Geisha hairstyle can be adapted into today's latest trends and make you look like a goddess. Actually, why "like"? You are!

4. England

This year is overflowing with Brits. We had the royal wedding of the century, the amazing soccer comeback and of course the fashion. Since Brits are so tired of classics and strictness they have gone absolutely wild. And when we say wild we mean crazy colors. No-one can deny that this year is the year of crazy colors and the year of Great Britain.

5. France

Except them being absolutely brilliant soccer players they are holding the world cup championship of high fashion, for decades. Funky wavy Bobs are so stylish that you don't even need Jean Paul Gaultier to look superfly, what you do need is Ceramide Volumizer leave-in cream, to bring that look to perfection and make it last at least till that well - needed, after game, cocktail.

Seen something you like? And we don't necessarily mean Ronaldo ;) Try, dare, experiment and all we can say is ____ Goallllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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