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COCOCHOCO Hair Masks - All The Care Your Hair Needs

The environment greatly affects our hair as well as climate, air pollution, various styling products, the quality of water and of course our hair care products.

Our hair often gets dry, frizzy, lacking luster and falling flat. The solution to these problems is rather simple, oils, serums and of course - hair masks, but how to pick the most suitable one? Hair masks can target specific hair concerns, so here are 5 COCOCHOCO Hair Masks that will save you from most common hair troubles.

For dry and damaged hair - Stops damage by restoring, repairing & rebuilding brittle hair to a healthy, lustrous state by reconstructing hair from the inside out. Nutrients penetrate the inner hair shaft and strengtheners envelop the outer hair to mend, hydrate and deliver long-lasting regenerative conditioning.

For dull and dingy hair. When your hair feels "tired" and lifeless, this mask will bring back that healthy glow and brightness, leaving your hair shiny and extra soft to touch. Suits for daily use and recommended for all hair types.

For thin and oily hair. The voluminous hair mask, based on a new revitalizing formula which contains essential oils and vitamins, this mask improves hair health, its shine, and volume, brings a weightless and bouncy feel to your hair. Replenish the hair shaft to add the effect of fullness and glamour.

For damaged and chemically treated hair. Implements a complex new formula of nourishing herbal extracts. This mask restores the hair and provides a soft, silky touch and a healthy, fresh look. A revitalizing formula for Instant hydration, moisturizes and enriching the hair with vitamins, nutrients, and medicinal plant essences.

For color treated hair. Preventing color fading and providing a silky touch and a healthy look. Formulated to protect your hair color from the sun and environmental oxidation. Color remains fresh, bright and more vibrant, without washing out or becoming opaque. The hair cuticle is kept sealed to protect the pigments and the brightness of the hair. It performs an intensive anti-fading defense.

Although applying hair masks can keep you more time in the shower it is totally worth it since combining this treatment in your hair care routine can keep your hair youthful, stronger, softer and shinier. All of COCOCHOCO hair masks were not tested on animals and are SLS and paraben free.

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