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Beach, pool, sun and humid can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Many times we find ourselves struggling with our hair, while we all want easy and light hairstyle, compatible to the Summer heat.

We are here to help you with 4 easy to-do summer hairstyle:

Sophisticated pulling your hair back look:

1.First, wash your hair, then apply COCOCHOCO IRON GUARD leave in cream

2.Straighten your hair with an Iron or blow it out. Unless you already straighten it with COCOCHOCO keratin hair treatment - in that case pass this step.

3. Pull back your ponytail with hairpin/clips.

4. Comb the rest of your hair back and tight it together.

Wavy beach style

1.First, wash your hair, then Apply COCOCHOCO VOLUMIZER leave in cream.

2.Divide your hair into small sections and pin it up.

3.Blowout your hair, until it’s almost completely dry.

4. Release your hair from hairpins/clips.

5. Comb your hair by using your fingers only

Loosen up mode

1.Use COCOCHOCO SHEA BUTTER OIL therapy on dry hair.

2.Use hair curler on the front ends of your hair.

3.Pull the rest of your hair back and use a rubber band.

4.Roll the hair around the robber band and pin it up.

Tribal exotic hairstyle

1.Wash your hair using CERAMIDE restoration intensive mask.

2. Apply COCOCHOCO IRON GUARD leave in cream, and blowout your hair.

3. Divide your hair into two groups, start braiding the upper part, than the bottom.

*this article was inspired by:

*photo credit:

<a href="">Fashion image created by Freepik</a>

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